Friday, January 11, 2008

TOW Jalan2 @ Putrajaya

It was a Ma’al Hijrah holiday for Malaysians yesterday. After settling my personal family matters, we went for a short Putrajaya trip... I don’t know why but every time I went to Putrajaya, the weather will either be surely either drizzling or raining. A wet rainy day is always a beautiful day to be outside. The fresh smell of the rain and the sound of it really excite me… but isn’t really good to take photos. Seems like the ever gorgeous stunning buildings are increasing day by day, and I was so amazed by the architecture of the buildings. Anyway, I just share the photos that we managed to take during the visit. Check it out..
New aerodynamic building Still with traditional touch Palace of Justice from far Another traditional touch on the building. One of the bridge from far.. similar to Missisippi bridge Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) ANother close shot of PICC So many flags! Lake Putrajaya Another cool Building Another shot of Palace of Justice Cool building.. My fav of all.. Along the boulevard.. The best looking bridge of all time.. The looks of an award winning building And another so-so boring building.. I wonder how does this building end up here next to the awesome ones.. Many faces of the ever famous mosque in Putrajaya The Admin Building, where the Prime Minister's office is located..Lastly, The view of Melawati Palace. Isn’t it just amazing? For those who love architecture, this is a place to be… We made a stop at the food court near the wet market and Putrajaya Library. I don’t remember which Presint it is, but the soup surely is worth the visit… The stall, called Gerai Sukaramai offers many choices of soup and chicken rice… and it is quite famous amongst the residents. I ordered mixed soup while my friend ordered Noodle Soup. Both are delicious and really cheap, at only RM3 a bowl. Better try it guys!

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Chen said...

wow! that is A LOT of pictures of buildings!