Thursday, January 3, 2008

TOW Back To Work & New Proton Model

I finally got back to work today. It's been a long sick holiday for me and as usual, what a lazy day to start the work in a fresh new year. Nothing much happening at work and not much changes since I left the office for my sick leave. And nothing much interesting to tell about my work..
But what interests my sore eyes today is to see the lines of the newly Proton Replacement Model for Iswara are out from the factory already, ready to be revealed to the market. Yesss.. I'm now stationed at Proton in Shah Alam doing some job for Proton, and I've seen those factory people celebrated their way thru after the success of manufacturing the new model some time ago. It's just today that those cars are all ready to be revealed and now line up proudly in the factory compound for a sneak peek. What I can say is that it's a nice car from the outside looks, cool shape and what I heard with an affordable price too.. I'm not gonna review on the car intensively, enough said that I have a confident this is gonna make a hit in the market. I actually managed to take some photos, but since my stupid phone cable is still not working, I'll just share with you the photos I got courtesy from website.
I managed to get a photo of the new Saga lining up in the factory. Check it out!

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