Saturday, January 19, 2008

TOW Lazy Weekend & New SAGA

Woke up rather late today since it's weekend today. After settling all the necessary matters, I'm meeting a friend at one of the mamak place in Bandar Tasik Permaisuri. The Hajris Bistro is even full with people at any time. It's raining while we're hanging out so it adds to the nice and cold weather around. Lepak2 for a while with him until the rain stopped, soon to find out that a group of people gather around the Proton booth outside the place. We better check it out! It's confirmed.. the newest and latest edition of the national car, SAGA has arrived there, which explained why there're so many people around. Can't complaint much, it's a nice car with a nice shape and very2 affordable at its price. The quality also improved a lot from Wira and the older version of SAGA. Well, surprisingly the waiting list is already at 3 months now... Still, the question that's still hanging in my mind... what car do i wanna buy huhh? A friend of mine, Irwan, suggested Nissan Latio hatchback, as he is quite tempted and in love with that car very much, while a few others really wants me to get Honda City. Still thinking though.. Any ideas?

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zizan said...

Beli La persona..hehe...cantik and 1.6. beli la.