Tuesday, January 15, 2008

TOW Cool Car Plates

Some friends forwarded me these cool photos of car plates in Malaysia. Unlike some countries, like USA, Malaysians can’t simply apply for the personalized car plates. Most plates will be assigned by the Road Transport Department, or if you choose to buy the car plate of your own, you hafta pay some big amount of money for it. And believe me, it is a huge amount of money put to bid these kinds of numbers. So just imagine the amount of money invested for the plate numbers below.
Let me just share the cool plate numbers found in Malaysia.
L7 = No meaning, but cool sign when put in such way.
PDL15 = POLIS (means POLICE)
K155 = KISS
ADU1111 = ADUIIII (means OUCHHH!)
TAH1 = TAHI (means SHIT)
WAJ4 = WAJA (The car brand, exactly the one the owner has)
MAR1011 = MARIO 11
KAM1 = KAMI (means US) Such a cool plate eh? I saw another cool plate MAF14 = MAFIA driven by the actor Azhar Sulaiman before nearby Plaza Damas but unable to capture the photo. That is sucha cool plate I can say! Well, any other cool plates around that I miss out?


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azlansalim said...

Hi. Was searching cool car plate numbers around KL and came across your blogpost. Wow...those numbers are still not on my list. Maybe we can share them. But you can view the rest of my collection of cool finds at http://www.mycarplate.blogspot.com.