Wednesday, January 2, 2008

TOW Makan2 @ Station 21 Bangsar

I was in Bangsar this afternoon for my gym visit after so long break. Right after the gym, I'm just really hungry and Station 21 is the place to go.
I simply love the spaghetti, all types of spaghetti that they made are really marvellous, of course at a cheap price.
My favorite of all time, Spaghetti Creamy Chicken Musroom. Nobody can make this kind of spaghetti the way they prepare it, at only RM7. Cheap, isn't it? The creamy spagetti prepared with the slices of chicken and few types of mushroom, with a good combination of Bay Leaves and Basil completes the superb taste of the spaghetti. Well, say no more... One really has to try the food at this place. Not only the lines of spaghetti are superb, but also the steak, chicken chops and others.. all cooked fresh from the kitchen at a very reasonable price. Whooo... this is already called Advertsing and Promotion eh? I beleive Station 21 has to treat me a meal of two for promoting their stall.. hahahah!!

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