Saturday, January 26, 2008

Makan2@ Moon's Kitchen

I've been a regular at this place called Moon's Kitchen in Pandan Indah some time ago, but lately, as I'm quite busy with stuff, I stopped visiting this place for my makan2. Anyway, as I was in Pandan Indah area just now meeting friends, we just dropped by for dinner here.Moon's Kitchen served mainly Western dishes, very yummylicious at an affordable price dishes. Located at the Hawker Stall behind the 7-11 along the Fire Station route, this place is normally packed with people during dinner time. Surprisingly, the service is quite fast and people can get their fresh food at the average of 10 minutes after the order. I had Chicken Chop with sweet & sour sauce, a tender juicy fried chicken served with the special sweet sour sauce, with fries and coleslaw. It's just yummy to the last bite, and looking at the big portion of the meal, it is considered quite cheap at RM9.90. Meanwhile, my friend had Hot plate Steak combined with black pepper and BBQ sauce. The interesting thing is that we can choose what kinda sauce that we like, or can mix and match up to our liking. Served with fries and mixed vege, it is priced at RM11.90. Cheap eh? Lots and lots of other western menus awaiting those who are the western food lovers. Though it’s just a stall, but the lovely food surely guarantees their customers will come again and again, errmmmm... and one of them is me... heheh! Go try yourself!


nessie said...

I would love to see what constitutes a Western menu. Other than fries and burger or course!

Chen said...

thanx for visiting my blog! nice to meet you.
and have a nice day too!

Beruang Madu said...

hmmm best untuk western... kat area tu jugak ada Bangkok House tu kan,...takper satu masa nanti I cuba gak makan kat situ

Arel said...

Look nice n delicious bro. How's the price? Is it ok i link ur blog to mine? Cheers