Monday, January 7, 2008

TOW Makan2 @ AEON Jusco Mall, Klang

Looking for a place to eat during the lunch time, on a working days has a lways been a challenge. Me and friends always struggle to find good place to eat, but end up going to the same old mamak for a drink and a snack. Today when my friend Ryan asked me to come with him to AEON Jusco Mall in Bukit Tinggi, Klang, I immediatley agreed to follow him.
As we arrived, not so many people were at the mall. So many empty parkings waiting for the customers. The mall is huge, really huge for its location., considering it is outside Klang area and quite close already to Teluk Panglima Garang and Banting. The shops are quite exclusive too, and one thing I like about this mall is there are so many restaurants and eating places here. You can just choose anything from fast food to fine dining here, so I can say it's a food heaven for food lovers. Heheh!
We chose to eat at this one place called Pastamania Restaurant. Suitable to its name, everything here is all about pasta. You can have so many varieties to choose from, and match it with any either spagetti, linguine,fusilli, penne rigate or fetuccinni.
Ryan ordered Baked Rice with Chicken, which looks so rich and creamy, while I ordered Linguinne Creamy Chicken, which is also rich and creamy. The taste isn't that bad, but not too good either, as I think the meals served at Station 21 in Bangsar is even better in taste and good price too. Anyway, considering the comfortable place and stuff, the price isn't that bad, considering the food portion is quite ok, and the most interesting thing is you can choose either they serve you, and you are charged 10% service tax, or you can choose to queue, and they eliminate that service charge for you. Seems like most of the customers don't mind queuing at the counter, similar to KFC and McDonalds.
Well, I'm busy eating and totally forgot to take photos of the restaurant itself, but you guys can try to get the varieties of selections offered here.
(updates) photos of the restaurant...
Check it out guys!

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