Thursday, January 17, 2008

TOW The Fish Spa @ Pavilion KL

No matter what kind and in what form, fishes always interests me. So when I visited Pavilion last week, the two things that interest me are the new RedBox karaoke and The new Fish Spa named Kenko. It is such an exciting ambience and positive first impression this spa has created, since right from the entrance, you can see fishes in the aquarium, swimming around happily, and the simple yet elegant decoration filling the space. The place is built with the mirrors and glasses so you can see how the fishes form a group, congregate and bite softly on people’s feet. It was quite scary at first as I can’t stop thinking about the flesh eating piranha attacking those people’s feet… and you know what happens next… Hahaha! Me and my imagination!
The article about the new theraphy: FANCY being nibbled at by hundreds of fish?
Well stop fantasising and make a date with Kenko Reflexology and Fish Spa at Pavilion KL in Jalan Bukit Bintang, to experience this.
For RM38, you’ll be able to let hundreds of little fish eat their way to you, enabling you to have smoother glowing skin in just 30 minutes.
The first and only fish spa in Malaysia is located on the 5th floor of the mall. Kenko caters to weary shoppers and their stressed feet. It is also perfect to bring along curious children.
Once only available in Singapore, this new fish spa provides Malaysians with a revolutionary experience in feet refreshment, with hundreds of ‘Doctor Fish’ nipping gently away at their weary soles.
A 30-minute dip in a spa pool full of Garra Rufa fish, known more famously as ‘Doctor Fish’, will leave your skin feeling smooth to the touch, and your feet feeling refreshed after the dead and scaly skin is nibbled away by these hardworking “masseurs”.
The fish is imported from Turkey as conditions in Malaysia currently make it hard for them to be bred here. (for more, click here)
(Courtesy of NST Online) I’m gonna try this next month, for sure!!


Kristy de said...

Hello I adore the music that is playing in the background. What is the name of the song/artist. Thankyou for sharing with us :)

Beruang Madu said...

I pernah pegi ni dua kali...dekat ngan cinema kan... mmg best.. I suka sangat

Chen said...

eee..... takut geli la!

POISON~IVY said...

macam besh sure geli with all the small fish around ur feet..

shafinazbahat said...

Hi! I'm doing a research on fish spa and your blog helps! like a lot. Thanks for the info :)