Wednesday, January 9, 2008

TOW Taman Warisan @ Putrajaya

It's been a while since I went to Putrajaya.. and the last time I went there last Friday was really a good one. A friend of mine called right after I finished work asking me whether I want to join them for Sate Samuri @ Taman Warisan.. and I immediately agreed. It was such a beautiful rainy evening with the wet weather and stuff.. It's just the right weather for me, as I love the rainy day so much. The cold and welcoming ambience with the smell of the rain is usually really relaxing and peaceful. As soon as I reached the place, the huge wooden complex with a very traditionally artistic crafts was really quiet. Seems like not so many people around. May be because of the rainy day or may be because nothing much interesting there in the evening. My friends ordered Satay Samuri, and a really nice Roti John. Really recommendable as this is the best Roti John I've ever tasted so far. The satay was also really inviting and those food filled my hungry stomach during the day. I can't share the photo of the Roti John because of some problems, but for those who still doesn't try Roti John @ Putrajaya, I suggest that you drive there and try it. Such a good food!

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