Sunday, January 13, 2008

TOW Brooch for Sale

I went to Downtown @ Cheras last night to check out my brother who has a booth there. He has been selling brooch for women’s scarf wear for quite some time, but only now I’m interested to take photos of the glitters. Not so many people around though, but still the stalls were open, and it was still an exciting atmosphere of the night market.
Anyway, looking at the dazzling brooch, there are so many varieties of brooch selection to choose from at a very reasonable price, ranging from RM1 to RM35 per piece, depending on the size and design of the brooch itself. Check out some of the selections: If anyone is interested, come check it out at his stall in Downtown @ Cheras, lot 158, situated at the 5th row from the entrance, right next to the pets stall, opens every night except Monday. Talking about pets, check out the huge Australian breed rabbit at one of the stall.. compare that big one with the small rabbits, which is the standard size one, hahahahah! It's huge, isn't it? The kids are so happy about it.. Anyway.. those soon to be pretty ladies were posing for the camera.. Angah was so ever ready posing for the camera.. while Along posed with a serious look.. smile a bit la kakak oiii..

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