Monday, January 21, 2008

TOW Where’s Sharlinie?

It’s been a week since the girl’s missing from her home, and till now she is yet to be found anywhere in the country. Endless efforts were made to find this girl, and the case becomes so big, posters are everywhere to inform on her missing, media and politicians are holding hands solving this case, and become so serious that it gets the Prime Minister’s attention to comment on this issue.
I just don’t understand why there are so many psychos around lately, so at all time, parents should be taking care of their children, ladies should be taking care of their own self, and guys hafta take care of their families. Malaysia is not a safe country anymore, so one has to be very alert at all time not to do simple mistakes anymore, or risks regretting over the simple incidents like this. I guess it’s time for us to unite as Malaysians to fight these kinds of crimes that involves kids. To those who have the info, please contact her family immediately at a toll-free number 1-800-88-5464, and please don’t send false information and don’t take advantage of their situation that’s already in bad condition. To the family, sabar dan tabah dalam menghadapi situasi ini dan jangan berputus asa… Insyallah, Tuhan akan sentiasa bersama kita dan menolong kita…
And to whoever the abductors are, I plead for them to return her safely. Hope she will return back home safely soon…

P/S: I wonder why they use that photo of Sharlinie? Don't the parents have a more proper and clearer photo to attach so people can recognize her more? Just my thoughts though!

Checkout the link for more details.

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Chen said...

sharlinie's head is senget in that photo.

they should use a better photo!!