Saturday, January 5, 2008

TOW Almost Lost My Laptop

This is the hell day of my life. I left my laptop at the Kopitiam in Sec 2 Shah Alam while lepaking with my brothers.. and didn't realize it until 8pm at night, when I reached my brother's home in KL. I can't describe how shocked and dissapointed I am when I first found out about it. What more with all the work data in the laptop and the fact that I hafta replace for the laptop to my company if I loose it.
Thank god my brother is in Shah Alam and I called him as soon as I realize about it. He immediately went to the kopitiam only to find out that they are so kind to keep the laptop for us. How kind of the owner and their employees to do that.. I don't know how to thank them for this and how thankful I am to God that I didn't loose my laptop because I was careless that day. A reminder to myself.. don't be careless and always remember things that are important on top of my head...

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