Friday, January 18, 2008

TOW Self-Made Late Dinner

I came back quite late from office today. Soooooo hungry!! Just in no mood to eat outside, besides the outside food really makes me wanna puke already. So I decided to cook something for my dinner. Got myself a tall glass of refershing Jasmine Green Tea, and then grabbed a pack of instant Alfredo pasta, ready to be cooked. Just followed the instructions, add water, low fat milk and butter, wait till boiled, and add the pack's content. Wait till 7 minutes till it'a moist and nicely blended, sprinkle some basils... and yeah... its ready! Simple and easy ehh! To add the flavor of it, I fried the leftover salmon in the fridge until the skin is really crispy, to eat it with the pasta. Yummy!! Pretty heavy dinner for a very hungry stomach! Just can't beleive that I'm cooking at this hour... Jemput makan!

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