Wednesday, January 16, 2008

TOW Night Market @ Bangsar

I always find the Night Market @ Bangsar is interesting. The food there is absolutely delish with a good quality, and also the varieties of goods and groceries you can find there can’t be found in other night market in Malaysia. Why I said all this, shows in the photos I’m sharing with you. The true colors of food, fruits and flowers decorate the scenery of the night market to beautify it, making it more cheerful and joyous. Really colorful!! You can see lots of foreigners visiting the night market to find their groceries and buy food. Varieties of fruits, all fresh and colorful! Just loveeeeeeeeeee the color combination and the freshness of the fruits!!
Check out this uncle busy opening the big jackfruit. This is my fav! Called Pulut Panggang... a must buy item whenever I visited the place. Some other colorful kuih sold here.. Nice combination of sugarcane and soyabean drinks in the bottle... They even sell fresh flowers, lots of varieties of 'em. Varieties of Scarf made in Pakistan I guess also sold here.. blocking the pathway of the night market. So, for those who haven't, try to visit one day, You won't regret it...

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Beruang Madu said...

kat mana yer Night Market bangsar?? Malam bila tu??