Wednesday, January 9, 2008

TOW Makan2 @ Port Klang

Seems like these few posts are all about food. Seems like I've been visiting lots of Makan places but have no time to put in the blog. So I just gather all these makan places in these few posts. Anyway, I visited my uncle in Port Klang last Sunday and went to this famous Peer Mohamed rojak situated at the food court in front of the Port Klang's bus station. According to my cousin, this rojak stall has been there for many2 years, and it's been a favorite for people who visits Port Klang. One unique thing about the rojak place is the uncle fries all the ingredients fresh upon order. So what we get is the fresh food served. The aroma is good, the food tastes marvelous, everything is so fine that one should try whenever they are in Port Klang.

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