Thursday, January 17, 2008

TOW Jalan2 @ Sunway Pyramids

I went to the new Sunway Pyramids for lunch yesterday. The newly completed additional wings to the existing mall really make the mall the latest happening thing in town. It seems that the mall has improved their image to attract more people here... Good job anyway!
Some interesting views are the Chinese New Year decorations in the mall itself. The main concourse locates the stage with nice but a bit irrelevant decorations. Looks like the theme is the mixed of ancient Chinese locations vs. spring in Japan with Sakura tree and stuff… The new wing locates the Blossoming Spring Garden theme......with flower decorations for Chines New Year... ...and a few fruit trees related to the theme... Nice chandelier that looks like the ancient shape of money used in the ancient history. Very nice eh! We end up having Pizza Hut for lunch. Quite a cheap lunch set at RM 7.35 for small pan pizza complete with the cheese bread, mushroom soup and soft drink. Anyway, in the Personal Set offer, you can choose a set menu of one of the combination shown below:
 Personal Pizza + Soup + Bread-stix + Soft Drink
 Pasta + Soup + Bread-stix + Soft Drink
 Rice + Soup + Bread-stix + Soft Drink However, take note that the dine-in offer is valid only from 11:30am - 4:00pm only. Not bad at all for a quick lunch and worth every single cent!

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zizan said... sunway tak ajak pun hehe.