Thursday, January 31, 2008

Movies @ GSC Midvalley

It's Wednesday, and it's movie time again! This time my friends booked me 2 movies, and one of them is a Malay movie, Cuci (means wash). It's been a while since I last watched Malay movie, with hopes that it won't put me on sleep during the movie. Let's check out the review.
CUCI Synopsis: Four adopted brothers - Jojo (Awie), Fairil (Afdlin Shauki), C'tan (AC Mizal) and Khai (Hans Isaac) - leave their kampung and head to Kuala Lumpur to make it big in the cleaning business. Fairil, the most ambitious of the four, inspires them to enter the Window Washing Olympics for the most coveted contract of all - cleaning the windows of KLCC. But the brothers would have to survive the allure of organiser CJ (Erra Fazira) as well as stiff competition from current champion and contract holder Wira (Khir Rahman) to win the title. (Source:
*** Nice malay movie to watch, sceptical jokes, but quite funny in terms of how they come out with the wordings usage. I like it most when Khai and Wira looking into the eyes of each other as if they wanna fight, and it turns out that as soon as Wira blinks, Khai laughed and told him that he looses the game.. Funny! As usual, something interesting you can get from these 4 stooges, so for coming out with a malay movie that's not cliche, good job, man!

RAMBO 4 Synopsis:
In Rambo 4, Vietnam War veteran John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) lives a peaceful life as a fisherman cum boatman. He has long traded in his guns for a fishing reel. One day, human rights missionaries Sarah Miller (Julie Benz) and Michael Bennett (Paul Schulze) show up asking Rambo to take them to Salween by boat so they can get some much needed food and medical supplies to the desperate Karen tribe. Initially Rambo refuses to bring Sarah and the missionaries to Burma, but after much persuasion by Sarah, Rambo somehow realizes that these refugees will most certainly die without aid. After two weeks, Pastor Arthur Marsh (Ken Howard) arrives with a message that the aid workers never returned from their mission into the jungle, and the embassies refuse to help Marsh and his fellow missionaries find their missing friends. Pastor Marsh knows that Sarah, Michael, and the rest of the missing missionaries are being held hostage by the Burmese army and therefore, he has hired a group of mercenaries for a rescue mission and needs Rambo to guide them to the village the army resides. *** Quite boring at the start, but really cool towards the end. Expect lots of violence and blood, although I can say it’s too hard to really diffentiate the amount of blood shed between John Rambo and others. Seems like he's the holy man with no blood coming out from his vein. Watch this if you are a Rambo fan and have watched all the movies in the Rambo series. There's no direct connection between the three previous films and Rambo 4, but it's still ok since he already tone down a bit in the movie and allow others to take part in the movie too. Good movie to watch, but not recommendable for kids under 12, as the elemnts of violence and sex were involved in this movie.

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Chen said...

i loved the rambo movie. damn cool. especially when mr rambo fired arrows!