Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Visit To The Dentist

Sakit Gigi.. Adoiiii!
It's been a while since my upper teeth's giving me problem.. and when the pain is at peak.. I have no choice than to go to the dentist..Some of my friends recommended this dentist, Dr. Naga, to me.. they said they won't feel the pain while taking off the teeth.. so I went there..The place is quite simple.. with enough basic facilities for the dentist to do their work.. I must tell you that I'm really2 nervous to the max.. but the process was so fast it took less than 10 minutes..This is Dr Naga.. such a cool guy.. The tooth was badly affected.. euwww.. disgusting! and I asked to get the tooth to bring back with me.. I will definitely come back if I have teeth problems again!

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