Monday, December 8, 2008

The Raya Day

People always said that Raya Aidiladha will be merrier and most celebrated more in the East Coast states.. but is it true? Last 10 years, may be.. but I think it is not relevant anymore now..Anyway, raya is meant for us to visit each other and for korban ceremony to be done.. early morning after the sembahyang raya, I could see the cows were ready at the field awaiting to be slaughtered for korban ceremony.. and later the meat will be given to the houses nearby.. Mak's cooking Nasi Minyak and Rendang Daging for raya.. and my uncle's family came by to visit during raya day..
Later in the evening, the kenduri was held by the nearby neighbourhood from the korban meat, and we attended for makan2 there..There you go, nothing much happening during raya day.. just a simple raya celebrated by others from other places too.. so.. is Raya merrier in East Coast than other places? I don't think so.. hehehe!

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