Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Penang Stop

It's Saturday.. and I'm in Penang still.. I wasn't feeling ok since this morning.. fells like I'm gonna catch a fever soon... all the goosebumps and everything.. but I'm still ok up to now..The trip to Perlis is shifted to tomorrow instead of today since because I wasn't feeling well, and hopefully by tomorrow I will be all ready to shoot to Perlis with my parents..
My old time friend, Azdee Muaz will also be getting married tomorrow.. hoping I can make it tomorrow.. For right now, I'm at Oldtown Auto City.. need to just concentrate on my work since I have lots of unfinished office work to do,, so I'm taking this time to effectively do my office work.. does it work? Hrmmmm.. at least I tried... heheehh!


kittu from India said...

Get well soon!

NIKO75 said...

Thanks Kittu from India..
appreciate ur concern!
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