Saturday, December 27, 2008

Driving Back To Ganu Via Gua Musang

Both my mom and dad were not feeling very well lately.. Abah with his asthma, and Mak with her breathing problem lately.. looking at the conditions of them both, I was quite worried on how they wanna drive home to Ganu.. Out of worry, I decided to drive them home instead, so they can rest during the journey home.. Driving home from Ipoh to Ganu has never been easier lately with the completion of the Simpang Pulai - Kuala Brang road now open for public. From Simpang Pulai, I drove using the Cameron Highlands route, straight to Gua Musang.. it has been drizzling all the way to Lojing and Brinchang.. and the foggy roads made it such a pleasant journey.. Made our stop at one of the farm nearby Lojing, which I will share in my next entry.. Lots of amazing sceneries.. and not so pleasant sceneries to watch too.. there has been too many developments going on until it ruined the structure of the nature's landscape here.. Bad.. very bad!
Arrived Ganu at about 9pm.. after the dark nite on the Kuala Brang highway.. My advise.. don't use the highway at nite.. too much trouble, and too many holes to avoid.. thank god we all arrived home safely..

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