Sunday, December 21, 2008

Padang Besar.. Perlis

Reached Padang Besar quite late at 3pm already.. and there were so many people shopping like nobody's business.. I was not so much in the mood for shopping, plus I wasn't feeling well still, so I just stood still at one of the restaurant there, looking around for people and their behaviours while shopping and stuff.. I always like to watch people, analyse their behaviours and reactions towards their actions.. and it was such a nice thing to do.. heheh!Lots of cars with Thai plate here..Lots of other things to choose.. and for those who were good at bargaining, this is definitely the battlefield for them to test their skills.. The huge building that placed all the stalls and small shoplots that offer varieties of goods to choose..I was all bored when my mom called me to help her checking the triangle seat for home usage.. and I ended up choosing one for myself..This is a heaven for women especially and shoppers.. and looking at all those bags my mom and aunt carried home.. i'm very2 sure that they are all satisfied with their shopping.. heheeh..

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