Saturday, December 13, 2008

Makan2 Satar & Otak2 @ Kemaman

Kemaman is soooo famous with their Satar & Otak2.. and accidentally INTAN campus is sooo near to the stretch of the stalls selling it.. so I straight away went there after the seesion finished..Lots of people filling in the stall.. and I immediately ordered Otak2 and Satar to bring home..In case if anyone didn't know what Satar looks like, it's the triangle leafy thingy with fish mixture inside..The Otak2 is a slice of fish mixed with their ingredients and put in the coconut leave before getting grilled..and the one wrapped in Banana Leaf is actually called Pais, fish mixture steamed to perfection.. I stopped by and got myself some fried keropok to eat along the way too.. and my journey back to KL was full with makan2 all the Satar & Otak2 bought.. Heavennnn!

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