Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The New Year Countdown

It was New Year's eve.. and it's been a few years since I last go out during new year and celebrated it with the rest of the KL folks.. At first I'm so lazy to go out, thinking of the jam, the crowded places, the hours of waiting for the moments, and noisy bands and crazy people who acted insane over the new year's excitement and all.. but after all, it will only be once a year.. and it's been a while for me, so I decided to who out and have bits of fun..I went to The Curve as this place is known for having a grand New Year celebration.. zillions of people filling up every single spaces of the place.. the walkway, the Cineleisure area, the Curve street.. all the way to the huge stage where the artises performed during the nite..Lots of people acted crazy over the bubble foam, and lots of poeple's behaviour's I can see and laugh at during the nite, adults and kids, men and women, young and old.. all with their very own style.. heheh! I managed to get myself a red devil horn for the nite.. while movihbg slowly towards the huge crowd by the stage.. awaiting for the midnite moments.. the fireworks! A few artises performed on the stage, and Faizal Tahir also performed right before the countdown.. it seems that everyone's been waiting for the clock to strike midnite, the moments everyone's been waiting for, the magic of fireworks.. and just like that, everyone's all in silence when the sparks filling up the sky, sharing all the moments together.. that's so sparkling magic.. and I went home.. happy!
Happy New Year everyone!

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