Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lepak2 @ Pantai Batu Buruk With The Kids

The kids, two ladies and one gentleboy.. my nieces and nephew, of course.. were having fun so far.. and I wanted so much to bring them to Pantai Batu Buruk for them to play around and have fun.. as a kid, I grew up playing around and having some fun at this beach.. and I wanted them to enjoy the same experience too..So they had had fun during the nite at the beach..and during the day at the playground there..The boy is still so small to understand anything.. but he's coping up so fast and enjoyed the moments with his sisters so far..
It's such a joyful moment to see kids at their happiest moments playing around and enjoying themselves like nobody's business.. Somehow I wish that adults too can have their moments like this.. where and how? you create ur own answer for that... hahahah!

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