Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Condom At The Main Entrance

It's Friday, and it was late in the evening when a female colleague screamed and came to us and saw there was something disgusting landed at the front door.. and we all didn't even care what it was, and after the big havoc was at the peak, I decided to check out what was at the front door.. and there it was.. the used condom laying down right in front of the main entrance.. hahahahahah!Me and a few friends laughed our heads off for a while, before started thinking who was the disgusting stupid idiot who put the used condom there.. it's disgusting, and the pedophile who did this must be out of their mind.. The ladies won't wanna do it.. so it was me who's left to throw it off.. euwwww! Used the magazine to take it out and later throw the magazine too..
STupid idiot m*th*rf****er...

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