Thursday, December 18, 2008

Does It Matter?

I recently changed my status from Single to "In a relationship" in my Facebook.. and since then.. I've got so many feedback from friends commenting about the changes of relationship status.. most of them congratulates me and hopes that I'm happy and all ended with a marriage and stuff...People reacts so strangely when it comes to good news, even some friends who doesn't even say hi for so long commented and wishes me well.. which makes me so flattered to know that I still have friends, though we seldom contacted, still remembers and be happy for me..except for just only one or two who came with a very sarcastic feedback and remarks.. Just don't understand why?
A word of wisdom from me.. Grow up guys!
Just be happy for others who's trying to move on with their life.. If your life is so sad, don't drag others into your sad life.. just give others some space be happy.. again.. Grow Up!
Well, enough said.. whatever remarks or comments they gave me in facebook.. I don't care.. does it matter?