Saturday, December 13, 2008

Attending PTD Assessment @ Kemaman

It's been years since I took the test for PTD and all of the sudden I got a letter to attend PTD Assessment in Kemaman.. So out of curiosity, I just wanna go to check out what do they assess in a person.. and whether they can assess a person who's only acting or being themselves..I started driving at 4.30am and reached Kemaman at about 8am.. The place is Intan Campus Wilayah Timur in Kemaman, and we have to register as early as 8am.. about 300 over candidates participated in this session... The first session was a discussion based on the given topic.. which was ok since everyone participated and tried to throw ideas.. the second session was about delivering debates on the given topics.. which sees a few went overboard and too carried away.. relax la broooo! Nak bodek pun agak2 laaaa..The afternoon session was the outdoor session, with a few groups needed to perform based on the songs given.. and then more to physical activities.. so tiring!
Next stop.. satar and otak2 place... which is very famous here.. next entry!

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