Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday.. The Happiest Day Of The Week!

It's finally Friday today.. I don't know why but somehow this week seems to pass by soooo slow.. may be because I'm sooo waiting for the weekend to come so I can go back to my Granny's house in Perak..
My parent's in Perak, at my granny's house, and we plan to go to Perlis jalan2 and Cuti2 Malaysia. I'm actually so excited and am looking forward for this weekend as i has been sooooo long since I went to Perlis.. This time I really wanted to explore the specialties of Perlis.. and check out what's special there.. makan2 entry is a must.. so if anyone has any suggestions on where to go for makan2 in Perlis.. your suggestions are most welcome!


Green apple said...

So hows the trip?


NIKO75 said...

Been around the town..
and I ended up demam!

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