Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Back To Kuala Kurau

It was such a tiring journey from Perlis.. and since I wasn't that well.. I need to take a rest.. and decided to go back to Kuala Kurau, my granny's house to take a rest at a peaceful place.. Kuala Kurau is such a small fishermen's town with minor development.. nothing much has changed since, only they are building a new bridge crossing over the river to Kuala Gula.. but still the ambience is sooo refreshing.. So, it's gonna be all the kampung ambience.. and my granny's house is right in front of the family paddy field..the greenery of the Paddy field is so mesmerising.. i can sit tight and do nothing but to stare at the scenery.. My uncle managed to capture photos of baby birds at their own nest.. and the durian tree with a big durian fruits,
and flowers blooming by the kitchen door.. It all makes me very relaxed and at peace.. hate to go back to KL again..wish KL has this kind of view.. heheheh!