Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Makan2 @ Nasi Kerabu Stall

I'm sure most of the Malaysians are familiar with Nasi Kerabu.. some like it, while some not.. and in my case, I'm not that in favor of Nasi Kerabu myself.. but the one that they have in Kuala Ganu is somehow different, tastier and so delicious I must get one myself everytime I go back to Ganu.. It is located at the back of Menara Permint along the small road heading to the mosque.. but I dont remember the name of the road..Anyway, the Nasi Kerabu comes with grilled Chicken and Grilled beef.. covered with Ulam2 and the home made sauce to die for.. simply sedapppp!
Most of the time, this stall will be full of people queuing up for the food.. and sometimes, something else were busy doing something else, in front of people.. Uuuupssssss! my bad..heheeh!

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