Sunday, December 21, 2008

Journey to Kangar.. Perlis..

Sunday.. it was early in the morning that we hafta start our journey to Kangar.. I hafta drive my parents as they needed some rest from the long journey from Terengganu.. I let them settle their business while I lepak2 in Kangar Town, which practically has nothing to offer.. hehehe! Well.. I wasn't to excited to explore more as it took me about 10 minutes only to settle driving around Kangar Town.. After my parents were done with their business, we stopped by the famous Restoran Sarang Burung on the way to Padang Besar for a late lunch.. and had and awesome piece of food offered here.. all the Kampung sytle lauk2.. with the special Gulai Ikan Puyu.. and sambal belacan.. Awesome! simply awesome.. Too bad I didn't take the photos of the lauk2..Continued our journey to Padang Besar.. it was my mom and my auntie that's gonna do some serious shopping there.. and as a driver.. I just drove them around as I'm quite familiar with Perlis roads.. Next stop.. Padang Besar..