Sunday, December 7, 2008

Raya Preparations

I woke up rather early a day b4 raya to get the necessary preparations for raya with my dad.. we hafta get some chickens for Nasi Minyak, and beef for Rendang.. so we first went to the Chicken stall by the main road in front of our house..Bought a few chickens and get them chopped and sliced accordingly so it will be easier to cook..and later to the Pasar Borong to get a few kilos of fresh beef, just perfect for rendang..The morning market was rather busy since people started to go out early in the morning to get the necessaries for raya.. lotsa fishes and seafood selections here at quite a cheap price, with varieties of fishes i've never ever seen before in my life.. that shows how bad I am at this kind of stuff.. hahah..
but looking at the faces of the fish monger looking at me taking photos here and there... priceless! hahahah! So to balance things up, I got myself a bag of prawns for mom to cook.. Fair enough.. at least they won't thought that I'm from an alien from other planet.. heheheh! I seldom go to the wet market.. so the idea of going them.. and find so many things they offered here.. such a good experience.. heheh!

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