Sunday, April 19, 2009

Visiting the NewBorn Baby

My colleague has delivered a new baby.. and some of the office mates were not able to visit her at the hospital due to the hectic schedule at the office.. So me and another friend went to her house on a mission.. to visit her and the newborn, and to get her office related notes which we were so desperately wanna get to compile our work together.. well.. kill two birds with one stone, people may say.. hehe!
Managed to get a huge hamper for the baby.. and after the tour of Shah Alam housing area.. we finally managed to get to her house.. and with double intention of a visit.. both of us felt quite embarrassed and uncomfortable knowing that the whole house knew about the notes thingy.. hahahah! Well.. at least, mission accomplished.. and the hamper is safely delivered to the baby.. heheh!

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