Friday, April 3, 2009

Pak Lah's Last Few Days

It's the last few days of the Pak Lah as a Prime Minister.. and these few days will see the transformation of power to the new PM to be, Najib..
What's nice about our fellow Malaysians are still the respects they put towards Pak Lah these last few days.. although there have been critics and dissatisfaction over these few years within his command.. but when it comes to an end, people will smile at him and still bow to give the last respect.. I too must admit that I'm not in favor of his management style of Malaysia Inc... a few ‘not so wise’ decisions here and there that I can see from the eyes of the normal citizen like myself.. no need to point fingers at what he's not done as nobody's perfect.. instead just thank him for what he's done so far.. Well, in a way, looking back at his few years of management style, I think he's not at par in bringing Malaysia Inc to the higher level within the eyes of the world.. but come to think of it again, probably because Tun M has set the standard so high that it's hard for the leaders after him to set another benchmark higher than that.. which I'm not gonna discuss about it here.. again.. nobody's perfect!
It's the last day of the old man and the transformation of power has begun.. What I do hope is that the next PM will give all his best in gaining up the image of this country to its best.. and to Pak Lah.. 'Selamat Bersara'.. thanks for the contribution to the country.. Have a good life after retirement with the wife and kids..

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