Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Empty Weekend

Seems like this weekend was a slow one.. empty and not filled with something useful.. I spent most of the time on weekend staying home, resting and layan TV.. which was fun to do.. but got be bored to death over time.. At this moment of time, life just felt so empty, felt so alone.. and really made me wanna go out of KL.. somewhere, but not in KL..
A friend's mom just passed away a few days ago and he really was down over the sudden news.. I don't know, but loosing the most valuable and treasured person in the world can really make someone go crazy.. Felling sad and concerned, I went to meet him in Nilai just to show my support to him.. hoping for him to be strong and patient over what happened..
A short trip to Nilai using the Cyber-Salak Tinggi-Nilai wasn't that far.. and roughly it took me only about 30 minutes to drive there.. great!
Well, at least I moved my ass out of KL, and that made me kinda relieved rather than not doing anything good and beneficial over the weekend.. rasa nak demam laaa!

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