Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Fashion Week 2009 @ MV

It felt so uncomfortable not sweating for a few days.. and out of desperation to let the sweat out, so the fever will tone down, I decided to go to the gym for a steam bath session to force the heat out of the body..On my way to the gym, I only realized that today is the kick start of the Fashion Week in MV.. and this is the show I need to watch.. hehee! Zillions of people filling up the Centre Court, and I was standing right next to the stage where the models came out first, strutting on the runaway with their clothes.. all the international models with their charismatic walk and attitude made the Fashion Show quite successful. The show definitely glued me until the end.. and needless to say that I started sweating over the bold models of the runaway.. heheh! More shows tomorrow until next week..

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