Monday, April 6, 2009

Makan2 @ Hornbill Restaurant

Monday, busy as usual with the preparation of our group presentation, and later, after skipping lunch and done with the presentation, the whole team dropped by for a team late lunch.. at Hornill Restaurant @ KL Bird Park.. which is a new place for me.. The restaurant is situated right next to the Bird Park at Lake Garden in the middle of KL, near the National Mosque.. and being next to the Bird Park, one can easily find birds flying next to you while lunching here.. one can even see the huge Hornbill relaxing at the corridor.. being very friendly by allowing the humans to take photos..The food was quite nice.. and quite expensive too.. Imagine the Teh Tarik costs you RM6.50.. bit the food on the other hand is quite affordable.. I had a very nice Marinara Spagetti, while the rest of the bunch had varieties of food, like burger, Chicken Pie and so much more..Overall, I just like the place.. peaceful, relaxing and really made in touch with nature.. Thanks to the boss who belanja us that day.. heheh!

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