Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nando's Bites For Dinner

It's been a while.. and I mean it, almost 3 years since I last had my portion of Nando's chicken.. and when a friend offered for Nando's treat, immediately I agreed as I have no problem with that.. The place is as cozy as ever.. and I really adore everything about the interior of the outlet.. from the decor, up to the color selection of the walls, really relaxing ambience! Got myself Extra Hot Peri2 Drumstick with coleslaw and Fries.. sedapnyaaa! and the best thing was we had a free Drumstick for me, courtesy of Jusco's coupon.. now I doubled my drumstick, coupled with the side dishes.. and unlimited refill of Ice Lemon Tea.. so enjoyable that I can eat till I drop.. well.. not drop actually, but so lazy to walk out of the outlet after the fulfilling dish.. Satisfied, I am...! hehehe..

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