Friday, April 3, 2009

A New Haircut..

My hair has grown longer now.. and it has been a while since I last visited my usual barber, a nice uncle who likes to talk in one of the barber shop in Sungai Besi.. so out of the blues, on Monday nite, I went to Sungai Besi town to get a simple dinner there.. only to find out that the normally full house place turned empty that nite, which I took advantage of getting myself a haircut immediately.. hehehe! My hair's getting thinner and thinner, maybe soon I may become bald.. quite worried on the current situation.. but still glad that the uncle tried to do my haircut to cover the balding part.. A short conversation on the balding head..
Me: Pakcik, Are there any medication for balding head?
Uncle: Mana ada.. the rich like Samy Vellu also bald.. not that he doesn't have money to do treatment, kan?
Me: So, no such thing as herbal treatment to grow hair back?
Uncle: You think? Kalau tak dah lama orang kaya2 tu ada rambut balik, and no rich botak in this planet.. hehe!
Me: Hahahahaha..
That uncle really makes sense! Betul jugak kann.. and those are the trimmed shorter version of my hair.. Many scolded me on why I hafta cut my hair.. and the simple answer from me is.. I'm getting bald... adoiiiiiiiiii!

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