Friday, April 24, 2009

The Commercialized Keropok

It was during my way home when a van suddenly stopped next to the car.. and highlighting the advertisement of the famous keropok lekor.. It seems like the business has been too commercialized nowadays that everywhere people can see the keropok has been exploited as one of the popular snack for all.. and they even printed Keropok Losong on the van.. bringing up a small place in Terengganu known as Losong as one of the brand name for Keropok..
I used to spend some of my childhood years in Losong decades ago, and during that time, keropok is only a small scale home based business by a few people in Losong area.. Keropok is one of the main dishes when people came and visit, as the keropok stall is just in front of my house during that time.. RM1 is worth 12 sticks of freshly fried keropok to be served to the visitors.. and as years passed by.. it's something good to see how keropok has become a large scale business spread throughout Malaysia.. and Losong has become a brand for keropok.. Cool!
Now I"m so craving for the fried keropok, dipped with a special sauce.. heaven! heheh!

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