Wednesday, October 10, 2007

TOW Raya Preparation

Raya is really around the corner, 3 days left to fast and we will be celerating Eid Mubarak very2 soon. I haven’t done any preparation yet for Raya until today. I have a list of what I need to bring home to my hometown this raya.
The List:- Sampin Songket - done

- Baju Melayu - done

- Baju for my brother’s kids - done

- Raya Cookies – at least 2 types - done

- BBQ grill - done

- Pelita - done

-Decorative Light Set - done.
Yahooooo… I guess I’m done preparing for raya, only in a day. That’s my bad habit, procrastinating things until the very last minutes, then only I settle it. Well, at least everything is resolved on time. I will be in charged of the lights decoration for raya. WIll update further on the results when I'm back to my parent's house.

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