Monday, October 1, 2007

TOW The New Car and the Night Bazaars

My mom just bought a cute new car, VIVA. So just to try out the new car, me and my brothers decided to drive the car around KL and visit the night bazaar, at least 2 of them. It’s a new car, so the handling and driving is smooth though, and it's quite spacious inside considering it's small car. Value buy!
Back to the night bazaar, there are so many of them nowadays in KL. It’s good to see people changing their habits from loitering around unnecessarily to doing business, or at least spending their time at the bazaar. Or if you wanna buy something or go shopping for some cheap stuff, and have to time during the day, night bazaar is the place to go. Varieties of bizarre stuff also you can find here. Just go and check it out!
Night Market @ Downtown Cheras
The place is located at the Velodrome in Cheras. Since Raya is around the corner, there are so many people around shopping for raya. Variety of baju melayu, baju kurung and lots of others are sold here. Variety of scarfs on display.Nice place to take a nap from the tired night.
I’ve been here a lot since my brother has a booth here selling women clothes, brooch and stuff. So if u happened to be around, check it out.
Night Market @ Uptown Damansara
The second place to visit as my friend is helping his friends to open a stall there. So we went there to check out how it looks like.The place is covered, so people won’t have to be worried if it’s raining or stuff.
Not as interesting as Downtown Cheras, but surely attracts a hell lot of people from this area, especially youngsters to come and lepak or shopping here. Nice effort made by the government.
Headed over to Pelaga Restaurant at Sec 13, Shah Alam for an early sahur. Nice place that offers free karaoke. Took a quick meal and headed home to sleep.

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