Monday, October 8, 2007

TOW Berbuka Hosting.. Again!

It was last Saturday and I was hosting another round of berbuka with my brothers again. This time around, my brothers asked me to cook again, and there were a few additional guests too. So my menu for the day was Beehoon Noodle and Tomato Rice complete with Masala Chicken, Beef Kurma, Fried Fish Egg, Sour pickles (acar) and Spicy beef, all cooked my true self. For drinks, we prepared Air Jagung (Corn Syrup drinks) that looks like water color dipped in the water or yellow highlighter. Hahaha! But it surely tasted good It took me 2 hours to prepare all those. Right about berbuka time I’m done with all the cooking and took a shower. My brother brought their families too, so the house was kinda full with the adults drilling all the food, and the kids who ran around and started to do funny things with my fishes in the pond. Got an A from the food critics/ eater. I’m thinking of making this a serious business. Anyone wanna hire me to cook for their open house? Hehehe!!

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