Saturday, October 13, 2007

TOW Ramadan Bazaars @ Cabang Tiga & Tanjung

The last day of Ramadan yesterday needs to be celebrated as it marks the victory of the muslims to sucessfully fasting for a month. Since I'm alreday in Ganu, it hafta visit the bazaars to find Ganu's delicacy.
Ramadhan Bazaar @ Cabang Tiga, KT
So many people around and the food is practically finished by the time I arrived. Just checking out what's left, and true enough, nothing much left except for Juice Drinks and Ayam Golek.Bought a local famous food, called Pulut Lepa, similar to Pulut Udang but with fish instead.
Night Bazaar @ Tanjuung
The place was really packed up since this is the last day of Ramadan. All food and goods are sold at huge discounts. Cookies selling for RM10 / 5 pax.I immediately made an exit quietly since I can't take the huge crowd at one time.
Whats for berbuka at home? Notice the Pulut Lepa I bought on the right?

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