Tuesday, October 9, 2007

TOW Memories In Time... Jenan

I used to school in a boarding school up north in Kedah. Those 5 years I spent in Kedah were such a fond memory that became part of who I became today. So when our batch reunited and visited the school recently and shared these photos, it really flashed back all the memories. This is where I grew up and survived my teenagers time, the crucial years in human's development.Somehow it thought me to be independent, and managed to survive those years there. Friends became part of family, at some point more important than families, teachers are like parents, the long strecth of the dorm was a place full of joy and happiness, shared with everybody. Such experiences can only be understood by those resided in boarding school.The school is not any difference since we all left it 15 years ago. The rows of buildings with the Main Hall on the left and the labs next to it.The entrance of the school.Some of the shots of the school. It felt like I can see myself in the photos and the memories kept rushing in my mind, making me realized how much I appreciates my former school.

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