Saturday, October 6, 2007

TOW Ramadan Bazaar @ Sri Petaling

It's been a while since I last posted my visits to Ramadan Bazaar. I need to take a break from the Bazaar as I got bored with the same food choice over and over again, and true enough, I didn't go to any of those for a week or so. Today I decided that I've given myself a long break from the bazaar, so I went to the one in Sri Petaling. It's just a small food Bazaar right in front of the school and the community centre in Sri Petaling town. Just a short row but enough to occupy the visitors with the choices of food.
Tried Nasi Biryani, not bad at all, but still can't compare to the pakcik's Nasi Biryani at Bangsar Sunday Market. Selection of kuih. The guy who sold me the kuih thought that I'm crazy taking pictures here and there.Chicken rice attracts quite a bunch of people here.. must be good!!Laksa & Mee kari stall also has a few customers.May be it's quite early so not so many people around. Or may be people are already done with the food bazaar, like myself...

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