Tuesday, October 9, 2007

TOW Cigarettes and Smoking habits

As I saw my brother lightens up the ciggy during our lepak2 time, I can’t stop but thinking about my smoking years earlier. I already quit smoking since early this year and so far, so good. I was a heavy smoker before; I can finish easily a pack a day, or more. I know all the bad effects of smoking and how terribly wasted my money was during my smoking days. Imagine a pack of cigarette costs about RM8.40 nowadays and I’m sure it will keep rising from time to time. A pack a day for 30 days in a month… you do the math! Anyway, at the same time, I do understand how hard for a smoker to quit smoking. The undeniably needs for nicotine is really high for a smoker to simply quit smoking. I remembered trying so many methods to stop smoking, but all of them don’t work. Until one day I had a very2 bad tonsillitis, I can’t swallow anything. The doctor confirmed that smoking is one of the major factor that caused it. I can’t eat, can’t drink and can’t even feel my tongue, up to extend that I’m being hospitalized for a week. I was supported by a drip during my whole week at the hospital, the fever is crazily high until the doctor gave me the highest dose of medication to reduce the fever and the tonsil, and I was only depending on the drip as my source of energy. My hands were all swollen from the drips, and I had to change my drip a few times, with all the injections and such. The doctors said that I have to operate to take out all the infected virus and stuff, but knowing me being very horrified with needles and stuff, totally against that method and tried to convince the doctor to double up the medication and do whatever it takes, as long as I didn’t have to go thru the operation. Thank god things work out well, the medication showed positive feedback and I was all heeled after 7 days. Thanks to God for his will! Well, those are the horrible week of my life, and being hospitalized for the first time in my life, I was very determined and made a vow that I’m never ever gonna smoke again. It’s working out till now, as I’m a smoke free person now. I’m thankful to god for his will, and definitely hoping that I won’t start smoking ever again. What surprised me is that my experiences really motivate 2 persons to stop smoking too, and I’m glad that things also work out for them as they are smoker free too now. Now, that’s quite a personal achievement to me! Now, kudos to me… and my 2 friends!! Here's hoping that I won't start ever again!

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Irwan said...

That is great bro! It hard to quit from smoking.. But u did it!!