Saturday, October 6, 2007

TOW KL Scenery at Nite

I need to go somewhere for sahur. Just can't stay at home on Friday nite, knowing that tomorrow is the off day. So I rang a few friends for lepak2 over coffee at one of the mamak resturant in KL downtown. As i sat and lepak2 with my friend at Restoran Kg Pandan near KLCC, I just can't help but notice how beautiful the scenery of the nearby buildings at night, especially KLCC. I always love buildings and architecture, but end up in the IT line. My brother, who is in the architecture line always wonder why I didn't proceed with my hobby to become a career as he said that I have passions in it, ahh well, may be I just limit it to hobby then, taking photos of nice buildings and post it here. I remembered having a scrap book a long2 time ago with all the collections of gorgeous buildings around. Unfortunately, my mom thought it's a piece of junk, so she scrap it off without me knowing it. Just look at these photos... how beautiful KL is at nite, especially KLCC, it's like a painting or stuff.
Sometimes I just wish that I have this awesome view from my own balcony. Hahahah! You Wishh!!

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