Saturday, October 13, 2007

TOW the Journey Back

I'm driving back to Terengganu. My brother is coming with me. Some asked why I didn't take a flight there, which makes things much easier, but knowing my procrastinating self who always complete things last minute, all the flights were already fully booked. We started our journey at 4 am, hoping that everyone else is still sleeping. However, I believe if 1000 people has the same thoughts as I was, the highway will be all jammed up as well. I hate this... Slightly after Genting Sempah, the highway is all jammed up. The car were lining up a few kilometres ahead. Reason? Everyone was gonna make a stop at the gas station for sahur. And for those who don't sahur like us, we were the victims. Arggghhhh!!The journey was rather smooth after entering Karak highway. I'm glad that we would be able to enjoy the sunrise, the beauty of very breezy smoky refreshing morning. The scenery is so amazingly beautiful. There's another jammed area right before we reached Kuala Berang. We ended up about 1 hour wondering about what happened, whether there were roadblock ahead or there might be an accident happening ahead, but what caused the massive jam? The stupid Morning Market right beside the road, and the fellow people that didn't know how to behave, parking car next to the road, causing the massive jam to the already congested area.We ended up arriving safe in Kuala Terengganu at 11am, marking the 7 hours of our tiring journey back home. Though it's so hot and humid here in Ganu, it's good to be back to the hometown once in a while.

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